Tidal energy innovation 


Are you looking for a cheap and endless supply of clean energy? Which is invisible, independent of the weather and 100 % sustainable? 


 Gimsøystraumen photo Thom Thoresen

If so, you have come to the right place. Norwegian Ocean Power is a company with both ambitions and technology to be capable of introducing tidal power as a major part of the global energy equation.


We base our ambitions on our own self-developed tidal turbine, the H300A turbine, as well as important concepts for making use of the produced energy in an efficient and sustainable manner. It is unique tidal energy technology whereas it only has one moving part, and is designed for mass production. Tidal energy or tidal power as some people call it, is a virtually untapped limitless resource. 

Our vision is to become a leading tidal energy company. Even though other companies share our ambitions, we believe our unique concept enables us to deliver better results.

But being in the business of increasing the global access to renewable and clean energy solutions, we naturally welcome and encourage all other initiatives to replace the fossil-fuel based and polluting energy solutions of today.

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